ENRICH workshop in Vilnius established new relationships

The workshop of ENRICH project was organized on March 26th - 27th. The event was divided into two parts - the workshop for associtated partners of the ENRICH project - potential contributors to the European digital library of manuscripts. The ways of cooperation were presented together with the newly developed tools, such as online M-Tool allowing online creation and editing of metadata or SYSTRAN translation interface.

Participants of the meeting in the yard of Vilnius University Library

The representatives of the associated partners participated in a short training course held by Oxford University Computing Service, which provided a good introduction to the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines for the Encoding of Digital Texts. The training materials can be downloaded from
The next project meeting was scheduled to 9th June in Prague, to be organized by the National Library of Czech Republic and Cross Czech a.s.

The minutes of the meeting can be downloaded from here.