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When your data is accepted by Manuscriptorium, you are co-operating with us in creating the largest digital library of scarce manuscripts in Europe.

You acquire for your documents powerful search and display tools which can be either the sole means of presenting your digital output or merely a useful optional means of access.

All digitised documents aggregated in Manuscriptorium are automatically part of Europeana, with which Manuscriptorium co-operates as sub-aggregator for the sphere of historic resources.

Not only will your documents be used more frequently, but the rate of hits recorded for your local digital library may also increase, as Manuscriptorium also directs users to the original location of a document.

Your data remains entirely in your ownership and you only grant Manuscriptorium the rights to handle them for on-line access purposes within the Manuscriptorium digital library.

This is specified in the Licence Agreement between you as a contributor and the administrator of Manuscriptorium content, i.e. the National Library of the Czech Republic. The Supplement to the Licence Agreement also lists the documents which you contribute to Manuscriptorium.

Initiation of Co-operation

As a first step towards initiating co-operation, please complete the following access questionnaire. This will provide us with a basic impression of the contents of the collection proposed for aggregation and of its fundamental technical parameters. Please send the completed form to the address or use our contant form and we will contact you with more specific queries.