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Registered users of the Manuscriptorium have access to a set of tools that will allow them to use aggregate information actively. These four tools are among the essential elements of the system:

  1. Favourite items: you can mark entire documents or their individual images by a star and then access them directly from your account.
  2. Collections: you can organise individual documents from the catalogue into named thematic groups.
  3. Virtual documents: you can create your own virtual documents from the digital images aggregated in the Manuscriptorium. One document can thus contain images from different sources.
  4. Favourites queries: you can save both simple and complex queries as well as query sequences and repeat them by a single click.

These tools facilitate work. A really active space is formed through their combination with annotation tools. The Manuscriptorium makes it possible to create both short and long structured texts, which you can add to your user content. It is currently possible:

  • to add an annotation to a collection, a virtual document or a favourite query
  • to add an annotation to individual items in a collection or in a virtual document

You can make the resulting set of information visible for other users and thus share the results of your work with them.

We are working on a set of tutorials in which we will graphically guide you through the environment of the new Manuscriptorium.

For you to have access to all the functions, you need to have a user account. Registration and the use of the Manuscriptorium services are for free, just like user support.