WP5: Personalization for contributors


  • Work package number: 5
  • Start date: Month 3
  • End date: Month 24
  • Work package title: Personalization for contributors.


  • Development and implementation of the next generation of tools for structuring of existing metadata and newly created digitized documents and their implementation into Manuscriptorium structures, adjusted according to the results of WP3, accompanied by the use of large external data sets.
  • Providing of on-line tools for verification, authentication and implementation of metadata and data into Manuscriptorium while respecting the specific characteristics of original data structures.
  • Allowing the accessibility of partners’ data via Manuscriptorium without need of changing their original presentation and use.

Description of work

  • Work package leader: AIP
  • Task 5.1:On-line tools for structuring of existing metadata and data related to manuscripts (m3-m16)
    • Task leader: AIP
    • Participants in Task: : IMI, VUL, BNE, BNCF, UZK, ULW, SAM, NULI, DSP, BUTE
    • Set of tools will be based on existing tool provided in the frame of Manuscriptorium, but including on-line versions and taking into account the results of WP3;
    • Tools will be used by the content partners for structuring of existing data.
  • Task 5.2:Analysis and development of tools for use of large external data sets (m3-m11)
    • Task leader: AIP
    • Participants in Task: NKP, KU, BNCF, IMI, VUL, SAM, UZK, DSP, NULI, BNE, BUTE, PSNC
    • Analysis of common attributes of data storage and their local use within the partners;
    • Definition of new Manuscriptorium services, description of required collaborations and contributors’ responsibilities in the frame of the system;
    • Establishing basic requirements for the tools for modification of digitized manuscripts into MASTER structure updated according to WP3 results extended by the use of large contributors’ datasets.
  • Task 5.3:Pilot implementation of large data sets provided by the selected partners into Manuscriptorium structure (m6-m16)
    • Task leader: AIP
    • Participants in Task: UZK, DSP, SAM, NULI, BNE, VUL, IMI, BNCF, BUTE, ULW, KU
    • Development and validation of tools for large-scale zero-loss conversion of external data including the use of large data sets of pilot provider;
    • Creation of individual connectors and making the content partners data accessible via Manuscriptorium;
    • Validation of routine data actualization
  • Task 5.4:Integration of external data into Manuscriptorium (m10-m24)
    • Task leader: AIP
    • Participants in Task: UZK, DSP, SAM, NULI, BNE, VUL, IMI, BNCF, BUTE, ULW, PSNC, KU
    • Generalization of the procedure of creation of individual modular on-line connector for large data sets maintained by the typical content providers;
    • Description of basic functions of modular on-line system of connectors;
    • Making developed connectors accessible to potential data providers with possibility to choose which connectors fit best their needs;
    • Binding declaration of possibilities and conditions of presentation data via Manuscriptorium;
    • Development and modification of the connectors in case of need or expression by the partners during validation and testing phase;

(Inter-) Dependencies, milestones and expected result

  • M4.1:Model integration of partner’s data into Manuscriptorium, including large set of image data (Month 16).
  • Development of the above defined tools depends partially on the results of WP3. The results will be continuously adjusted regarding the WP3 activities and tested during the newly structured data provided by selected partners implementation into Manuscriptorium.
  • The feedback is necessary from WP7.