Products and deliverables

The major result of the ENRICH project is the new Manuscriptorium platform itself, including number of tools and features developed and integrated during the whole project duration. Apart from the platform and aggregarted content the consortium produced number of formalized outputs, mostly in the form of report dedicated to the particular domain or part of the project. All these deliverables are available for download below.

ENRICH deliverables

Deliverable No1 Deliverable title Delivery Date2 Nature3 Dissemination level4
D 1.1 Quality Plan 2 R PU
D 2.1 Survey results and their interpretation 3 R PU
D 8.1 Dissemination plan 3 R PU
D 8.2 Project Presentation 3 R PU
D 8.3 Project website 3 O PU
D 8.4 Printed publicity brochure 4 P PU
D 7.1.
Methodology for Testing and Validation of e-Applications 5 R PU
D 1.2 Progress Report 1 6 R CO
D 6.1 ENRICH Corpus Analysis report 6 R PU
D 3.1 Revised TEI conformant  specification 7   PU
D 2.2 Description of the standards used by the partners, definition of collaboration principles, data and metadata standards 8 R PU
D 3.2 Documentation and training materials for use with specification 10 R PU
D 5.1 Definition of basic conditions for sharing of large data sets in the frame of Manuscriptorium 10 R PU
D 1.3 Progress Report 2 12 R CO
D 1.4 Annual report 12 R CO
D 4.1 Definition of requirements for the creation of personalised virtual digital libraries 12 R PU
D 5.2 Report on pilot full integration and publication of selected partner’s metadata in Manuscriptorium 12 R PU
D 6.2 Personalised Translation Interface delivery report 12 R PU
D 1.5 Pre-financing request 13 R CO
D 3.3 Report on development and validation of migration tools 15 R PU
D 5.3 Report on pilot full integration and publication of selected partner’s metadata and externally stored data in Manuscriptorium 16 R PU
D 4.2 Report on search behaviour of Manuscriptorium users 17 R PU
D 1.6 Progress Report 3 18 R CO
D 4.3 Report on pilot implementation of tools for creation of virtual documents by researchers 22 R PU
D 3.4 Report on METS/TEI interoperability, best practice with respect to handling of Unicode and non-Unicode data in Manuscriptorium and P5 conversion techniques 23 R PU
D 4.4 Report on definition of typical model searches and their implementation 23 R PU
D 7.2. The Evaluation Report 23 R PU
D 1.7 Progress Report 4 24 R CO
D 1.8 Final Report 24 R CO
D 6.3 ENRICH Translation Stylesheet delivery report 24 R PU
D 6.4 Vicodi Ontologies implementation report 24 R PU
D 8.5 Conference with proceedings (summary of papers) at the end of the project 24   PU
D 8.6 Exploitation plan for further use of project results 24 R CO
D 8.7 Project Presentation (results) 24 R PU
D 1.9 Financial statement 25 R CO