ENRICH Project Conference was held in Madrid

The final conference of the ENRICH project was organized by the National Library of Spain in Madrid on 5. - 6. November 2009.

The first day of the conference was dedicated to the introduction of the main results and developments of the ENRICH project. The online presentation of the whole new Manuscriptorium system (which is now available at http://beta.manuscriptorium.com/) was conducted by the representatives of the technological coordinator, AIP Beroun s.r.o. The main components such as the new presentation system, deep searching possibilitites, M-Tool, M-Can, Gaiji Bank, personal collections or virtual documents were summarized with short description of the control functions and possibilities how to use these features by various types of end-users. The system is now in the phase of testing and verification and it will subsequently replace the current Manuscriptorium. The user manuals for the whole system and its particular components are being created and will be published soon.

All potential users are invited to test the system and provide their feedback. There are two ways of possible submission of the opinion about the new Manuscriptorium:

1) the evaluation forms prepared by the Instutute of Mathematics and Informatics availabe at http://www.musicalia.lt/eta/ can be used for more sophisticated evaluation of particular features
2) the general reporting of bugs or any other feedback can be provided directly by e-mail, using the following address: enrich.coordinators at manuscriptorium.com

The second day of the conference was focusing on more specific topics related to the digital libraries, especially those dealing with manuscripts. The TEI P5 ENRICH scheme – metadata standard for the description of manuscripts, one of the key outputs of the ENRICH project, was introduced, followed by the contributions about deep searching by extracting semantic information and the role of selective metadata harvesting in the virtual integration of distributed digital resources. Thel case studies of the digital libraries of Manuscripts, some of them cooperating with Manuscriptorium, were presented. Several contributions were dedicated to one of the most important and broadly discussed topics related to digital libraries - multilinguality and possibility of deep searching in the multilingual environments. Finally, the ways of cooperation with Europeana were summarized by Jill Cousins and more eContent+ funded projects such as CACAO and APEnet were introduced.
All the articles written by the conference speakers can be found in the Conference Proceedings.

The conference was attended by more than 70 participants from many European countries and USA. Morel pictures taken during the conference can be found below.